How swimming pools and the interactions on deck are more beneficial than splash pads:

  1. Learning how to swim significantly decreases the risk of drowning! Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in the nation.
  2. Swimming:
    • delays the physical indicators of aging up to 20 years.
    • is the best cardio-vascular workout of any sport and cardio-vascular exercise is linked to improved academic performance.
    • improves brain health as you age by decreasing brain atrophy and shrinkage resulting in improved thinking and memory abilities.
    • is low-impact.
    • improves flexibility and works every muscle in the body.
    • reduces chronic pain, particularly from arthritis.
    • develops lung capacity and helps stretch the breathing process of those with asthma.
    • is a physical activity you can enjoy throughout life.
    • builds confidence and self-reliance.
    • tend to be academic achievers.
    • helps kids learn to set goals and work to achieve them.
    • teaches strategies to overcome fear.
    • works all the body’s muscles and burns the most calories.
  3. Being able to swim 400 yards continuously means you can:
    • scuba dive
    • snorkel
    • become a lifeguard
    • compete in triathlons
    • play water polo
    • be on a swim team
    • teach swimming
  4. Swimming offers underprivileged youth access to teams which historically lack in racial diversity.
  5. Swimming promotes a foundation for healthy, active lifestyle to help lower obesity rates and diseases like diabetes.

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