Help save the Florence Aquatic Center!

In March 2021, the Florence Mayor and City Council made an announcement on Facebook that The Florence Aquatic Center would not open for the Summer 2021 season due to COVID-19 restrictions. This facility provides recreation, swim lessons, and a competitive swim and dive team. It allows the entire community to come together to play, exercise, relax and strengthen our bond as a community. After attending several council meetings, the city explained they had no plans to reopen The Aquatic Center.

Without informing the public of their plans, the city made a decision to demolish the existing facility. The City Council then claimed they surveyed the Florence residents for their thoughts and opinions of the Aquatic Center. Instead, they used a previous survey the Boone County Parks published asking what Boone County residents want to add to existing Boone County Parks. We request that the City Council put out a new survey, specifically mentioning and discussing the thoughts and opinions of the Florence Aquatic Center as a public facility. We also ask that you fill out our survey, detailing your thoughts of the Florence Aquatic Center, as well as other public aquatic facilities.

We have spent months asking for collaboration with the Florence community.
We have offered ideas and ways to generate revenue to help operate at a lesser deficit. It is clear the Mayor and City Council want “new plans” without taking into account input from taxpayers. Please consider joining our efforts in conserving a critical and historical part of the local Florence, and greater Northern Kentucky area.

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